• To send by mail all that is required is bulk mail software and a list of email addresses.
  • For direct download all you need is a link to our web database.
  • They can also be distributed on cd or used promotionaly as a cd business card.
  • Your ePublication can contain on-line ordering, email response and instant connection to websites or web pages that you might choose.
  • The key to the success of the Digital ePublication is the very small file size that can be achieved with the use of special software developed for the purpose.
  • A 20 page full colour publication can be as small as 500k and that takes as little as no time to download on a standard modem.

  • eBOOKS
  • InterAction Digital Publications produce two types of books, a stand-alone EXE application or a DNL version.
  • Each stand-alone exe book is a single plain executable file.
  • You can email this one file to somebody or they can download it from your web site.
  • Some email programs however will block the transfer of exe files as a protection against viruses.
  • The best way to avoid this is to send your book as a zip file.
  • Better still just provide a link so that the book can be downloaded directly from our database on ebooksnz.com.
  • A DNL file is a data only file that requires the end-user to have plugin/viewer to view it.
  • It is also a smaller file than the other type of book because it does not have the viewer built in.
  • Anybody can download the DNL plugin/viewer, it's free, is just a small file and it needs only be downloaded once.

Digital publications or eBooks as they are sometimes called, look like a book, read like a book and the pages turn just like a real book.
They are the quick and easy way to publish and distribute magazines, catalogues, manuals, brochures and promotional material to a large readership at very little cost.
They can be emailed as an attachment, made available to all who visit your website, or can be downloaded directly from our database at ebooksnz.com.
There are also a number of additional features that can be included in an ePublication that are not available in the printed version.
These include the ability to embed movies, 3D panoramas, RSS feeds and a wide variety of flash digital effects and action script features.

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First download the DNL Reader
- this is a once only operation.
InterAction Media can host your Digital Publication for viewing online and make it available for download.
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EXE Books do not require DNL Reader